Fibaro Home Center 2 – Z-Wave Home Automation Controller

If you’re serious about home automation then you’ll probably want a powerful controller at the heart of your system.

[UPDATE] Read our full review of the Fibaro Home Center 2 Here.  Polish smart home specialist, Fibaro have launched just such a device, and the new “Home Center 2” is a handsome aluminum clad Z-Wave system which the makers say “redefines Z-Wave based home automation and introduces the real Home Intelligence”.

After several years of R&D, Fibaro launched a range of innovative Z-Wave micro-modules last year and now they’ve followed up with this controller.  A quick and easy setup is promised and there’s a clever backup routine built into the box that keeps a copy of your schedule on a USB stick.

Fibaro are promising an efficient system but also point out that the 1.6GHz Atom powering the Home Center 2 means it is “much, much faster” than any other Z-Wave gateway currently available.

The box is programmed and controlled through a web browser and the UI looks very impressive.  The previous generations home automation controllers sparse text interfaces have been superseded by something much more 21st century. This is what people expect to see in the age of the iPad and if the user experience lives up to the promise of the screens shots it should be a joy to use.

The controller adds a new “Linked Devices” function, allowing you to have several modules appear as one virtual device.  Perhaps all your radiators on the ground floor, or a combination of lights and sensors etc.

Home Center 2 also offers a geo-location function that can track and locate family members (fathers of teenage daughters rejoice).  Complex macros can be built easily using the systems graphical “Scene Interface” without a iine of code in sight.

Fibaro Home Center Scenes

  • Extremely efficient hardware architecture = fastest device of the type in the World,
  • Ultra low energy consumption,
  • Remote access via web page or mobile phone,
  • Simple, user friendly interface,
  • Fast and simple configuration,
  • Geo localization – tracking Your family members,
  • SMS notification,
  • Manageable users’ rights,
  • Various devices’ associations,
  • Conditioning scenes depending on weather or other, user-defined variables,
  • Advanced recovery system,
  • System backup is always saved on attached pen drive, hidden in the casing,
  • History of events.

Fibaro Home Center 2 Rear

We’ll be reviewing the Home Center 2 once we get our hands on one of the first units into the country.  Available within the next few weeks, you can pre-order the Home Center 2 now priced at around £500.

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7 Comments on "Fibaro Home Center 2 – Z-Wave Home Automation Controller"

  1. It looks good but the app on the UK App Store is in Polish.

  2. Hello. The english version will be available from AppStore next week

  3. Fibaro tell us an English version will be added to AppStore next week.

  4. Any news on a review of this device? Really tempted but unsure of being an early adopter for this…

  5. Not seen anything about this product other than news announcements. Anybody reviewed a real product yet ?

  6. Mike – the Fibaro will be in our hands in the next few days and we’ll be reviewing for a few weeks. Not long now 🙂


  7. Rick Roberts | April 6, 2012 at 3:31 am |

    Looking forward to seeing the HC2 being available in the US. The information on their website is teasing. Really would like to see a full review and what the cost is going to be.

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