Fibaro Z-Wave Mini-Modules Convert Your Existing Switches to Z-Wave [Updated]

Fibaro Z-Wave Module

These Fibaro modules are designed to be retrofitted behind your existing light and appliance switches, converting them to the wireless Z-Wave home automation system.  Makers claim a 5 minute install time and there are 4 different types available, a universal dimmer, a motor controller for blinds and shutters, plus two relays to switch loads of 1.5kw or 3kw.

“Introduce your home to 21st Century technology, by installing Z-Wave components, without having to rip apart what you already have! Transform your standard light switches, dimmer switches or roller blinds controls with a very small Fibaro device which neatly fits behind the existing faceplates.

In 5 minutes, your lighting system can be operated by your smartphone or Z-Wave remote control, by simply installing this device. With easy installation, you can keep your faceplates and use the switches manually as before, but with the added bonus of remote control.

Impress your friends by switching on the TV, and through the use of Z-Wave, dim your lights by 30% simultaneously. A home Z-Wave system can be built up gradually, so don’t fear if you have to move house, you can take it with you, and continue to build your system over a number of years. Afterall, the Z-Wave system can inter-operate with over 500 other wireless products. The potential is endless.

Fibaro Z-Wave ModuleThe Fibaro flush mounted inserts have a height of 15mm, but only occupy half the areas of a conventional wall mounted outlet.  Within the Fibaro range, there are four types of device: two kinds of Relay switches; 1.5kw and 3kw; control for the electric motor for blinds or shutters; the dimmer which is a radio controlled light dimming module, designed to work with any lighting source. It is possible to control your dimmer with either radio waves or with your wall switch. For safety, the device features automatic overload protection switch off and soft start function.  Change how you control your home within 5 minutes of simple installation NOW! ”

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[Update] – Quite a few of you asked if these modules need a Neutral wire (uncommon behind most UK switches}.  The guys at Vesternet replied – “The switches do need a neutral, but the dimmer doesn’t. But you can also use the dimmer as switch if you like. There’s an accessory we’ve just added to the same page – a £9.99 dimmer bypass for low power light”.

Our Interview with Z-Wave

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10 Comments on "Fibaro Z-Wave Mini-Modules Convert Your Existing Switches to Z-Wave [Updated]"

  1. Is there a US frequency planned? US distribution?

  2. Interesting product. It’s a bit hard to get a feel for how difficult they would be to retrofit – their website says “15mm high x 50mm depth”. I assume that’s 50mm wide as they appear in the pictures. So if you were fitting them as a switch replacement (i.e. with a blanking cover in front) that should be enough, but if you had to fit them behind a wiring accessory (such as a fused spur outlet) it could be quite tricky unless you put a much deeper back-box in.

    At £42 delivered (inc VAT?) they’re not cheap but not silly prices either.

  3. Hello.. The US frequency devices will be in sales in Q1 2012. Have a good day.

  4. Hi,may I use control system such as AMX or Elan to control these Fibaro modules?


  5. Here in Australia, we use 240VAC @50Hz.
    1. Will these work on the above supply specs?
    2. All of our light switches only have a switched active. No neutral or earth. Will these work as replacements in this circuit.
    3. Are they designed to work in parallel with the switch? Ie leave the switch in place (normally in the OFF state) for when the HA system is down.

  6. In response to SimonH..

    I have just installed one of the dimmer modules here in the UK with an MK grid type double switch as the input.

    I managed to get it into a 40mm deep back box but there was only 1 existing 1.5mm twin and earth in there. Ideally you would need a 45mm deep back box.

    So far the dimmer seems to work fine. Its controlling 4 low voltage halogens in the kitchen. I have associated the second input switch with a switch module to control LED lights in the cabinets.

  7. Can that module know what is the state off the blind?

    For instance?

  8. Below article has described the highlights of a (French) review of the Fibaro modules:

  9. Looks cool.

    Wish I could only find a ceiling dimmer for Z-Wave, so I could go this route rather than Rako! Basically just want to separate 2 lights on the same circuit. Any ideas anyone?


  10. Any idea about a successfully integration of AMX and Fibaro?


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