Amigo Challenge for Smart Home Integration

Amigos Challenge

We all know that systems integration is the single biggest hurdle in building complex smart home systems today.  The Amigo Challenge is putting up thousand of Euro in prize money to encourage submissions to their project.  Watch the video below for Amigos glimpse of an integrated, truly intelligent smart home future.

“The Amigo project has developed an open-source software layer enabling the creation of intelligent networked home environments. The developed software is free and can be easily extended to fit new ideas.

Now it’s time to handover the software to the community and call on them to continue the development and make it a success story. This is the point where you and your team come in. Take our software, explore and deploy it and ‘Create your World’. The best ideas will be rewarded.

The Amigo project develops middleware that dynamically integrates heterogeneous systems to achieve interoperability between services and devices. For example, home appliances (heating systems, lighting systems, washing machines, refrigerators), multimedia players and renderers (that communicate by means of UPnP) and personal devices (mobile phones, PDA’s) are connected in the home network to work in an interoperable way. This interoperability across different application domains can also be extended across different homes and locations. The Amigo project is a joint effort of fifteen European companies and research organizations in mobile and home networking, software development, consumer electronics and domestic appliances.”

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