Automated Home eBay Collections – Tech Ideas for your Smart Home

There is such a thing as too much of a good thing and with all the amazing choice on eBay it can sometimes be hard to see the wood for the trees.  So when the eBay team asked us to try out their brand new ‘Collections’ feature we couldn’t wait to get started.

eBay collections are a simple and elegant way to group products into categories or themes.  Along with their clean new layout design, eBay Collections allow you to pick out products and put them together in categories to share with others.

To kick off we’ve created around a dozen Collections with ideas to help you with some of your smart home project purchases.  Setting up your own local area network for the first time? Then checkout our Home Powerline Networking adaptors collection, Ethernet Network Switches collection, and CAT5 Network Cable collection.

Of course minimising our utility bills is a big subject for the Smart Home these days. Never before have payback times been so short for these technologies so investing in many of them has become a no-brainer.   So we’ve put together collections on Energy Monitoring and LED lighting too.

We’ve got plenty of other home automation areas covered too with collections for IP CCTV Cameras and Home Security Systems.  And checkout the great value smart home modules from LightwaveRF that are perfect for easily retrofitting into an existing property.

You can chose to follow the Automated Home eBay Collections by clicking the green ‘+’ icon below each one and keep in touch as we update them, add new products and build whole new collections too.

Automated Home eBay Collections

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