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Aside from our forums you can also find Automated Home readers on IRC (Internet Relay Chat).  Like minded users discuss a range of topics in the chat room including such things as which is the best GU10 LED bulb, or where to find good deals on hardware.  We also talk about things related to general technology, food, cars , the weather etc – it’s all exciting stuff! 🙂  So why not drop by for discussions and help on home automation and related topics as well as general banter and chat….

Join In Now – Simply click this link to go to our Chat Room now or If you already have an IRC client here’s all you need – – #automatedhome  –  If you are an IRC virgin here are a couple of recommendations to get you going in under 60 seconds…

Other Clients –  Here are a few popular chat clients for your OS too

Windows –
Mac – Download Colloquy free from (there’s also a nice universal iPhone / iPad iOS Colloquy client available).
Linux : Alternatively, apt-get irssi or brew install irssi for linux (or OSX) users.

We hope to see you there soon!

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