Automated Home Launched V3.0 Website

Otto Mk2
It’s three and a half years since we last had the decorators in at Automated Home so we were well overdue for a new paint job.  We’ve ditched the magnolia and gone with what we hope you’ll agree is a much cleaner, fresher, contemporary design.  The site is now much easier on the eye and the move to the Joomla CMS brings with it other new features and benefits for our readers.

1. Contemporary Design – New cleaner, fresher more contemporary look.

2. Search- A new faster, more accurate search facility to help you find what you need from our database of over 1,300 articles

3. Tags – every single article has been tagged making it a simple one-click operation to view all our articles on say Z-Wave. View our tag cloud interface to find what is popular and new too.

4. RSS – The RRS feed for our main News Page is vastly improved and now 2.0 compliant. Remember to checkout our RSS feeds from our Forums and Mailing list too.

5. Social Networking – We now have the facility for an easy single-click submission of our stories to Digg, Delicious, Furl, Reddit, BlinkList, technorati and Jeqq.  Go on we know you want to!

6. PDF Printing – Any article can be turned into a quality PDF document for printing, transporting or emailing, complete with all its illustrations and working hyperlinks (see PDF icon at top right of each article page).

7. Videos – click straight through from the Video link in our main menu to our YouTube channel for all our original video content (currently 13 videos and growing).

8. Popular Articles – Some of our favourite articles of all time, like the Wiring Guide, our Sonos long term review and our home built Jukebox Server / NAS are available by clicking on the thumbnails down the right hand column.

9. Downloads – We’ve simplified the downloads section and added some more applications, manuals and other files useful to home automators

10. Otto Mk2. Lastly we’ve updated our famous Otto the Robot mascot. Now upgraded to a Cyberdine Systems Model 101 🙂

Many thanks to the team of volunteers that has taken the project through to this new release.  A special thanks to James Hoye, Steve Edwards and Kwong Li for their hard work and support.  Also thanks to Stuart Grimshaw and Iain Shaw and our team of beta testers that took the site for a test drive over the last few weeks.

Mark McCall

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