Automated Home People Profile – Steve Edwards

Steve EdwardsAt Automated Home we’re lucky to have a Web Wizard working behind the scenes to keep the site in tip-top shape – Steve Edwards.

Steve started off as an Automated Home reader and attended the famous UKHA2003 and UKHA2004 meets in Hatfield.  Sometime later we kidnapped him and forced him to work he volunteered to help with the site’s code.

Steve is a full time web developer, working in PHP, HTML and CSS by day.  In his spare time he’s also an App Developer and found success in the 90’s with his Palm Pilot calendar app “Holiday Planner”.

Fast forward a decade and a half and Steve has just released a new year planner app for the iPhone called Yearlier under his TedSoft banner.  He’s also released a second iOS VAT calculator app Taxing, and is currently working on his next idea.

Steve’s talent has been invaluable, especially with regard to the complex export / import work moving to both a new CMS and Forum platform over the last few years.  Many thanks Steve!

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