Awesome Sim Racing Seat for your Digital Home

Digital home entertainment comes in many guises.  But for us there are few that get your heart racing as fast as a driving sim.  The difference between holding a controller in your hand and actually sitting in a racing seat with a proper wheel and pedals is night and day.  Needless to say when we saw the VisionRacer setup our hearts raced even faster.

If like us your passions are technology and cars then one of the places your interests intersect is with driving games.  Back in 2007 we covered the Renegade gaming chair but things have got pretty serious since then.  A recent trip to a London attraction (Madame Tussauds) gave us an opportunity to try out the awesome VisionRacer and it reminded us just how far things have moved on.  The VR3 was setup along with the Logitech G27 Wheels and Pedals with the whole thing connected to a PS3 playing F1.  A three lap race of Silverstone left us on an adrenaline high and yearning for more.

The VisionRacer rig is constructed of solid stainless steel with a mirror polished finish and carbon look accents.  Its ‘ergonomically correct’ driving position, comfortable fibreglass bucket seat, angled pedal mount and adjustable position meant it fitted my 9 year old son just as well as my 6′ 3″ frame.  The weight of this quality construction provides excellent stability and little touches like the built in cabling ducts and the included tool kit scream quality.

Excitingly VisionRacer have almost completed development work on their new ‘D-Box’ movement add-on which retrofits to the existing VR3 rig to provide a whole new dimension to home racing sims – check out the video below.cPrices for the VisionRacer start around £765.

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VisionRacer VR3 with D-BOX motion. Running Dirt:2

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  1. Needs a 3 monitor setup!!

  2. and 13,000 USD as well

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