BT Videophone 1000 70% Off- Now £40

BT Video Phone

Looks like BT are dumping their Videophone 1000 model.  Currently showing with over 70% Off in their on-line store – Was £149.99 Now £39.98 .  Should be worth a punt even if you don’t use the video capabilities.

“The BT Videophone 1000 is a great broadband phone with videocapability – this means you can use your broadband connection and by using this device and signing up to BT Broadband Talk, you get a second line in the home which can also used for videocalls.

You are buying a very high specification telephone with the ability to make video calls – without the hassle of booting up your PC, or having to go into your spare room to make a call.
The videophone can work in one of 3 ways:

* Videophone to Videophone = Audio and Images
* Videophone to BT Broadband Talk Softphone = Audio and Images
* Videophone to Landline/Mobile = Audio only

Telephone features

* High Definition Sound
* 3.5″ TFT display with 262k colour screen
* Built-in digital camera
* Choice of video picture styles
* Take photos and record audio clips
* Assign photos and ringtones to Phonebook entries
* 255 Name and number phonebook
* 10 Polyphonic ringtones
* Handsfree with volume control
* Call timer
* Preparatory dialling
* 20 Number redial
* Secrecy button
* Easy on-screen menus
* Quick access to range of BT services
* Simple connection via a router/hub
* Customisable ringtones, wallpaper images and screensaver
* SIM card slot
* Alarm clock
* Automatically checks for software updates
* Ethernet port (RJ45)
* Support of BT Broadband Talk Calling Features

The Techie Stuff

* H263 and H264 Codec supported
* Audio Codecs : ILBC / G729 / G723.1 / G711
* QCIF 25 fps
* SIP signalling for network connection (RFC3261)

Minimum Customer Requirements

* Broadband (minimum 512k)
* Subscription to BT Broadband Talk Service
* Compatible Broadband Router with a spare Ethernet port”

BT Videophone 1000 Deal – Was £149.99 Now £39.98

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