Can You Help With Channel 4 Hi-Tech Security Systems Documentary

Century Films

We've been contacted by BAFTA award winning documentary makers, Century Films  for help with their next project, and it's right up our street!  They're keen to talk to Home Automation enthusiasts who have fitted, or are about to fit high tech smart home security systems in their home.  Read on for all the details on how you can help

"Century Films, one of the UK's most prestigious and respected factual television companies, have recently been commissioned by Channel 4 to produce a prime-time documentary exploring the increasing number of British homeowners that are investing in advanced electronic security systems to protect their homes.

We are very eager to speak to home automation enthusiasts who have incorporated – or may be about to incorporate or upgrade – automated home security systems into their homes. This is not a documentary about the security of celebrities, VIPs or the super-rich; it is about the growing number of us for whom domestic security is a high priority. At this stage we are simply looking to speak to homeowners who have advanced security systems to tell them about the programme we are producing and ask them a few simple questions. This documentary represents a great opportunity for home automation enthusiasts to demonstrate how far domestic security technology has come in recent years and the high level of security is it is able to provide.  

We are very aware that those who prioritise domestic security may have sensitivities about discussing their security concerns and systems with a member of the media. I'd be very grateful if you would be able to reassure any clients that you think might be suitable that all phone calls will be in the strictest confidence and talking to us will not in any way commit them to any further involvement in the documentary. If we did proceed to filming we would take all steps to ensure that their security was not compromised by the filming process in any way (for example by not disclosing any details about where in the UK they live).
To give you some more information about Century Films: Century is an award-winning documentary production company. We have won the Best Documentary BAFTA twice in the past four years, for Make Me Normal (Channel 4), a documentary about a school for young people with autistic spectrum disorders, and Feltham Sings (Channel 4), a film about a young offender’s institution. We pride ourselves on making socially conscious films, often working in collaboration with major institutions and organisations.  Over the past few years we have made documentaries a residential home for people with learning and behavioural difficulties, a young offender’s institution, a school for children with autism, and a drug rehabilitation centre.  If required, we can provide references from any of the institutions that we’ve worked with, including the British Government’s Home Office.  For more on Century Films, please see

We would love to hear from anyone interested in finding out more about this opportunity. Please contact the director Jamie Balment, on [email protected] . Alternatively please telephone Jamie on 0207 378 6106 or 07770 853982."


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  1. Great, media interest, although short lived, is valuable none the less. Its a shame the Home Automation theme is curtaild to the aspects of secuity, which could fit into a wider theme of the season.

    Still now would be a good time to promote open source efforts by xPL and the problems of everybody pulling in a different direction.

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