Comfort Technology Brings Lifetime Homes, Assistive Living

Comfort Assistive Living -  Door Camera


Much of our digital lifestyle is about convenience and entertainment, but there's a more serious role for Home Automation technologies too.  Life expectancy continues to climb and older people can start to become less independent.  Enter Comfort from Cytech, a comprehensive home security and domotics system that can be employed to help keep seniors safe in their homes for longer.

Lifetime Homes – Sustainable Homes – Features of home automation systems such as the Comfort Intelligent Home System from Cytech Europe, can make a major input to the Lifetime Homes Standard* as well as to Assistive Living* and the homebuilding industry’s targets for Sustainable Homes in line with the new mandatory regulations*.
Benefits offered by the Comfort System include – Interactive Voice Menu that can operate in any of nine languages allows Comfort to be controlled from any remote or home telephone. The real time status of the lights and appliances can be announced so you can check before switching anything on or off. 

Reminder Messages and Voice Announcements Triggered by Events: Comfort can be set to play back recorded reminder messages on talking keypads or the telephone to remind the user to take medicine, for example, as a wake-up call, or to warn if any motion is detected in the home.

CComfort Assistive Living -    Touch Screenomfort KP04 talking keypad – Dial Out to Alert Carers: Comfort dials out to carers or family members if there is no activity in the home for a longer than usual period of time. The carer can talk to the person in the house via any of the keypads. An emergency button on the keypad can force a dial out to the carer or family member. 

Conditional Logic Programming; Comfort’s extensive Logic Programming capabilities allow conditions to be tested up in order to determine the actions to be taken; for example, after dark, and the doorbell is pressed, switch on outside lights and play an announcement or greeting message on the door station, and announce on the keypad that a visitor is at the door.

Intercom:  Comfort’s talking keypads communicate with other keypads around the home and with the door station.

Home Security: the range of Comfort door stations including those with a camera let the person at home speak with the visitor and also see them before opening the door.   The door can be opened via any phone or keypad in the house.   If no-one is home the call can be diverted to the home-owners mobile phone.

DS02 vandal-proof door station with camera – Heating, Lighting, Appliances, Curtains, Blinds can all be monitored and controlled by Comfort to help with energy-saving, home security and convenience.  Greater home energy efficiency can be achieved with daylight controls, occupancy sensors and more accurate control of the heating system. : A Comfort Case Study


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