Dell £99 Server – Hurry!

Dell £99 Server

UPDATE – This deal has been extended until the 14th December now, and the max number of units allowed per customer has been up’d from 2 to 3.   Link to the Extended Deal HERE .

Here’s a great tip-off from a post on our mailing list this morning. Dell have the £99 +vat Server deal on again, for today only and limited to 1,000 machines.  The Dell PowerEdge SC440 is a dual core machine with 2 x 80gig SATA drives, a gig of RAM and comes with the Bronze 1 year Next Business Day Onsite Response.  We’ve just ordered our two (max of two per customer allowed).

*****Click HERE for the deal*****


  • Intel® Pentium ® Dual-Core E2160 at 1.8GHz, 1MB L2 cache, 800MHz FSB
  • Bronze 1yr Next Business Day Onsite Response
  • 1GB DDR2 SDRAM 667MHz Memory (2x512MB single ranked DIMMs)
  • C2 – Motherboard SATA cabled, 2 Hard Drives connected to onboard SATA controller, no RAID
  • 80GB, SATA, 3.5-inch, 7.200 rpm Hard Drive
  • 80GB, SATA, 3.5-inch, 7.200 rpm Hard Drive
  • Accessories
  • 16x DVD ROM -Black
  • No Floppy Disk Drive required
  • Services & Software
  • SC – No Operating System
  • You have chosen not to take the Dell PowerEdge installation service
  • Also Includes
  • English Documentation, UK Power Cord
  • PE SC440 Server Tower Chassis (L6)
  • No Monitor Required
  • No Factory Installed Mouse
  • No Keyboard Required
  • Dell Server Assistant for PowerEdge SC Servers CD Kit
  • Base Warranty
  • PowerEdge Order – United Kingdom

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