DVDLobby Pocket PC Released

Submission by Mario Cascio – DVDLobby PPC provides you with wireless mobility and portability to manage and control your movie collection from a Pocket PC.

View movie covers, movie information, launch movies, control playback using the built-in remote control, view by genre, search and much more. Using DVDLobby Pocket PC along with MainLobby Server, you can launch and control changer-based or hard drive-based movies quickly and easily. With support for up to 5 movie hosts, you have the freedom to setup your whole house movie system your way. Place a Pocket PC around the house and have control from every room.

As a special bonus, currently registered users of DVDLobby Pro 2 will receive the Pocket PC version absolutely free. And for a limited time, Cinemar will include the Pocket PC version free with every purchase of DVDLobby Pro 2. Hurry this offer expires soon.

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