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The Dynalite Smart Home system is totally flexible, easy to install and custom designed to your specific requirements. It can be as simple as a sophisticated lighting control system or extend to complete home automation.

Dynalite’s award-winning innovative technology allows you to control lighting and integrate a host of devices such as motorized screens, blinds, curtains and reticulation systems, as well as floor heating, air conditioning, home entertainment and security.

Your pre-set program can encompass all of your lighting, security and comfort preferences, from your arrival at home to your departure.

For example, pre-set lighting and air conditioning preferences for year round convenience and comfort. Fade out the lights as you go to bed, as the security system is armed and the thermostat is set.

Home entertainment enters another dimension. Create your own home theatre which can include every possible feature that operates off a touch screen. Lights, camera, action at the touch of a button!

By integrating lighting control and security you can make your home safer for you and your family. With Dynalite Smart Home, you can switch all the lights on at the touch of a single button. For safety, link alarms with lights to create exit corridors in times of emergency or light the entire property and link with external monitors to protect against intrusion. While away you can maintain normal lighting usage patterns to establish a perceived realistic presence.

Dynalite also offers a wide range of control panels which will satisfy the most discerning home designer. The panel range extends to over 9 finishes and has endless functional configurations with removable switchcaps for personalised engraving and you can customise panel layouts so that all controls can be consolidated on one panel.


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