EIB Shop Arrives in the UK

We’ve just received the following press release on the new UK eTailer for EIB products…

“EIBshop.co.uk provides a user-friendly shop window for wired or wireless control, and door entry systems. EIBshop.co.uk is a brand new web space that unlocks the well kept secret of EIB (European Installation Bus) to the UK’s growing army of smart home enthusiast, installers and users.

For the first time there opens a shop window for a number of EIB manufacturers including Siemens, Gira, Theben, and Altenburger, all in one place! With products ranging from, all that is needed for a hardwired EIB network, to wireless control and door entry, the site is wide ranging and easy to use, including access to the high level of professional technical support that is expected.

But, EIB in the residential marketplace is not just about technology, it is about the benefits to homeowners. Competent and entrepreneurial electricians and contractors can significantly increase their business by going for this fast growing market with EIB based products.

In the last few years highly attractive switches in natural finishes including glass, wood, brass and aluminium have made EIB a highly desirable option in home installations. Now with the advent of wireless control these professional grade switches can be used for retrofit and DIY.

For those new to it, EIB is an almost infinitely scalable building management system whose functions include lighting, curtains, and heating control to name but a few. EIB is well established and has been highly popular in Europe for many years. As a genuinely ‘open system’ parts made by different manufacturers work together seamlessly and are programmed from a common software tool. Its great for installations from flats to airports!

For more information please contact:

Colin Price
Ivory Egg (UK) Limited
Tel: 01243 572599
Fax: 01243 576123
Email: [email protected]

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