Exclusive – Insteon Coming to the UK / Europe [Updated]

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There have been some very interesting Insteon devices appearing over the last year.  It’s backwards compatibility with X10 is a great selling point for those that already have invested in an X10 setup.

So We asked Insteon if they could confirm if they are coming to the UK and Europe.  Here’s the word form the horses mouth.

Joe Dada tells us – “We will be entering the UK/Euro market with INSTEON either directly, or with one or more partners.  Any input that we could get from your readers as to customer preferences (e.g. which products are most desireable) would be greatly helpful.”

From the Insteon FAQ

What Is Insteon – The INSTEON network protocol is a new cost-effective dual-mesh (radio frequency – RF and powerline) home management network technology, that provides a secure, highly-available, affordable, robust home management network for home innovations. INSTEON technology is simple to integrate and will be widely available in a broad set of products offered by SmarthomeTM, Inc. and many other product innovators.

[UPDATE] Good news at last – check out our new article here

No products found.

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  1. Bob Saggeth | July 16, 2008 at 5:02 pm |

    Still not here 🙁 — Is this EVER coming to the UK and Europe?

  2. Bob – we spoke to Joe again a couple of weeks ago for the Perceptive AUtomation podcast, which in part discussed Insteon – Listen here – https://automatedhome.com/Announcements/AH0013-AlertMe.html – He told us the were currently well into working on the first suite of products for Europe. So hopefully not too much longer to wait.


  3. Looking forward to seeing a greater choice of switches and modules from Insteon (to drop onto my X10 AHP system).
    I believe many of the current plug-in modules are unnecessarily bulky (unsightly) and that their design is very 1980’s.
    Hopefully Insteon’s appliance modules have a quieter relay than the current X10 ones…
    Also, I’m looking for an appliance module which will dim CFL bulbs (without a residual flicker when switched off).
    Lastly, a UK compatible light switch replacement for X10 remote control as well as on/off/dim at the wall switch.

  4. I find one of the downsides to LM and AM plug-in modules is their size which causes them to ‘stick out like a sore thumb’ when plugged into a visible socket in a living room… How about discreet modules built into UK type 13A plugs. So instead of plugging an appliance into a module, you would wire the appliance into the plug unit. I appreciate these may have to be slightly larger than a standard 13A plug.
    Make sure all plug-in modules have a manual override switch so appliances/lights can be operated locally.

  5. Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday dear vapourware,
    Happy Birthday to you!

  6. Almost a year after the original poster and still no sign of insteon for europe… Does anyone have any solutions that would work? Z-wave perhaps?

  7. Nothing yet?

  8. Lee Gorecki | August 15, 2009 at 1:24 am |

    Err what is the hold up with this, Im a bit concerned that the current economic climate may be having an impact on a Europe release. I hope not I have an Xserve here with Indigo 4 all loaded up and nothing to do. Even if it was one or two basic Items, Just to test the water, It would be a start.

  9. I don’t understand he business sense of these companies. They have a massive hole in the market that really wouldnt take that much to fill with a set of product… there are thousands of UK users waiting for a reliable home automation package to hit our stores! Please!

    If I had the know how, I would do it myself, and most likely be a millionaire!

  10. Speaking of not only the UK, what did you think of “continental” Europe working with normal 🙂 plugs ?

    the Insteon site says the technology can easily be adapted to 230v/50Hz, but they have no current plans as to when they would do that….

  11. INTEON is realy missing the boat. To make ALL their INSTEON products work WORLD WIDE, they need just design it with plug/socket that fit more than the US format (look at plug adaptor munufactures, they manage it with no problem), and a 110/220-240v slide switch (like electric razors had 20 yrs ago! It’s not rocket science). Tapped primary transformers have been around for over 100 yrs. Auto volt sensing switch mode power supply circuits are also not new. They build a product for 10% of the world market when for little more effort they could have the world. Time someone else stepped in an took the market.

  12. Isn’t this getting silly? Been waiting since 2008!

  13. We’ve contacted Joe Dada regularly since this article for updates. Things seem to have changed and although no time scale was ever given there’s little sign of progress.

    We will continue to stay in touch with Joe and bring any news as we get it.

  14. so sad

    perhaps we have to do it ourselves

  15. Are there any alternatives for the European market? Preferably compatible with Mac/iPhone?

  16. Matt barnes | January 3, 2011 at 4:23 pm |

    As Insteon can’t seem to get this sorted does anyone know of a uk alternative that would be as easy to use?

  17. Anyone tried equipment with “Z-wave” in i know Schnieder/Merton and MK are using this technology also seems to be a decentish controller about it is called Vera 2 although it has its problems but is there anything better out there for the uk market apart from using knx etc?






  18. surely by now someone must be looking to manufacture a standard looking 240V socket outlet z wave unit for the UK market? Anbody know of any ?

  19. Good news! Check out the update at the bottom of the article above pointing to the latest news.

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