External USB 2 Hard Drive Bargains

If your media server is out of space again, then Play.com have a great offer on for the bank holiday weekend on Buffalo DriveStation external USB 2 Hard Drives!
160GB Buffalo DriveStation £49.99 Delivered!
300GB Buffalo DriveStation £79.99 Delivered!
“Buffalo DriveStation – the most cost effective way to add secure storage to your PC easily and quickly – Buffalo’s DriveStation External hard drives allow you to keep backups of files, digital images or any documents that you do not want to take up room on your PC’s main drive. The DriveStation when connected to your PC automatically turns on once you power on your PC. Installation is easy with the Auto Setup feature; no need to install a drive (except for Win98SE). You can schedule automatic backup of your files in seconds using DriveStation backup software. The DriveStations run at 7200 rpm. Fanless design allows the DriveStations to operate silently while the Heat Sink Chassis keeps the internal components cool during operation. The unique chassis design offers flexibility for vertical or horizontal placement. Auto installation and easy operation makes the DriveStation a true plug and play storage solution for anybody.”

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