Google Announce Current Cost as their Latest Partner

CurrentCost Google Power Meter

Current Cost have announced they are the next Google PowerMeter partner in the UK.  Users of existing units can purchase a USB now to get started sending their usage data up to the Google service, or you can buy a package complete with the meter and a cable too.  Links after the jump.

What does this mean to our users? – All existing ENVI and Classic owners that are keen to get started can purchase a Current Cost Data Cable immediately.

For all our Trec users the chance to get a Google PowerMeter enabled device is easy. Trec owners simply need to purchase an ENVI display and Data Cable bundle (sale code: CCPM002) to get started.

Google PowerMeter is a free energy monitoring tool that allows users to view their home’s energy consumption from anywhere online. This free software tool then visualises the information for users to view on their own iGoogle homepage, a personal web portal which enables individuals to create and access a wide range of customisable information, web feeds and Google Gadgets.

Srikanth Rajagopalan, Product Manager for Google states “We’re excited about our partnership with Current Cost which offers a new way for millions of people to save energy and money by using Google PowerMeter.”

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Buy Current Cost on AmazonBuy CurrentCost on eBay : [Thanks Phil]

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  1. been using it for a few days now, works well, ordered a new ‘bridge’ to so i can switch my mini windows box back off. much easier than messing about with RRD and cacti etc etc which is how i used to do it.

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