Happiness Is – UK Pre-Ordered iPads Arriving a Day Early

iPad Landed

You know that old adage, under-promise and over-delivery.  Well looks like Apple have used that to make a lot of people very happy today by delivering the first batch of pre-ordered iPads a day early!  We were there to order ours when the virtual doors opened at 1:00am back on the 10th and the slab of 64GB Wi-Fi goodness just landed on our desk! (we’ll be using our MiFi unit for cellular access when we take the iPad on the road).

Remember Apple stores open early tomorrow morning (8:00am) and we hear branches of Currys will have units for sale on Friday too.  Here are a few of the top rated apps we’ve already downloaded all ready to sync across…

iPad Apps iPad Apps
iPad Apps iPad Apps
iPad Apps iPad Apps
iPad  Apps iPad  Apps

Leave us your favourite home control iPad apps in the comments below..

3 Comments on "Happiness Is – UK Pre-Ordered iPads Arriving a Day Early"

  1. we weren’t so quick off the mark – so have a few more weeks to wait …

    took SWMBO a while to choose 3G or not – 10G for £10 per month from 3 seemed a good deal, but decided against … could go via WiFi & the 3G stick on my laptop if needed, and hoping maybe the 3G stick can be used via the camera connector (open point) !

  2. app’s – reckon this’ll be on our list :


  3. Apple store at Bluewater only has the wifi64 model at £600 in stock 🙁

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