Harmony Home Automation Server 5.1 Beta Trial

iDomus are offering registered users a trial in a free beta test of V5 of their Harmony home automation software…

“As a registered Harmony customer we thought you might like to take a sneak peek at the latest software we are preparing for release. The software extends the commands available in the Harmony Home Automation Server v5.0 in some important new ways, namely:

  • Scenes – a new way of setting and controlling lighting scenes throughout your home
  • Plugins – A new rich set of plugins are being developed (or develop your own) for other hardware platforms apart from X10
  • Language support – German, French, Italian and Dutch now built in
  • XML – new graphic rich interfaces allow you to use Harmony in an immersive environment (or develop your own using HTML)
  • Plus numerous bug fixes and minor improvements throughout the system…

If you are interested in taking part in the free Beta test, please visit www.idomus.co.uk for further information.”

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