Help for the Clueless Gadget Lover

We all love our gadgets, but the increasingly complex nature of personal computers, wireless networks, media players and other technology, has left many users pulling their hair out trying to make the technology work.

Now DSG, owners of Currys and Dixons, have announced a new chain of stores for the UK aimed at helping users to get their gadgets working. The 200 stores across the UK will create 2,000 jobs and assist the claimed 8 out of 10 people that need help with their tech…
The TechGuys – who are we? We’re the people that know 70 million PCs crash every day – and how to get them back up and running without losing data. We know how to install a home cinema system to get the best possible sound from your new

Hollywood blockbuster, without taking as long as it did to film the original movie. We’re the people to turn to when your Great Aunt Edna wants to watch her favourite soap, but she’s 200 miles away and doesn’t know how to tune in the channels on her new Freeview box…  The TechGuys are the people to call for expert technical advice, installation and repair on technology new and old. Our team includes 3,000 experienced and accredited technicians supported by state-of-the-art repair centres, technical databases, a spare parts vault of more than 2 million components and a telephone team who handled 3.6 million calls last year and who fixed 80% of callers’ IT problems over the phone.

We aim to offer a service to our customers from initial contact to completion that is second to none – we’re not happy unless you’re happy… The TechGuys can offer you a wide range of services covering PCs, peripherals and digital entertainment devices. Not only do we support consumer customers, we also support businesses and offer onsite assistance…”

The Tech Guys  [Now]

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