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Earlier this month we had a request from a reader to setup a new forums facility for users to write up their home automation projects so others can benefit from their experience.  So the “Projects” forum was born.  To start us off there are now projects there from user jaffaon – Temperature Capture plus a two-part post on ripping / storing your DVD collection and then streaming the movies around your home.  Join in and post your projects in the new forum…

Home Automation Projects Forum

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  1. i’m as a student is required to develop a smart home system that can automatically evaluate the house safety with the press of a button. Upon pressing the button, the system will check the windows, light, stove and other appliances to see whether they have been closed or turned off properly. Any safety violation will be alerted to the user. system is being controlled by PC.

    about me: major in computer science. have no knowledge about hardware i’m going to use.

    p/s:any suggestion what sensor should i use other than LDR(light sensor).

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