Home CCTV Server Review

Rather than wait another few weeks to publish my Home CCTV Server review I’ve decided to make it a two part affair. Part one is now on-line…

“I have had CCTV at home for 8 years now in one form or another. Over that time camera performance has increased, whilst prices have fallen. Par for the course where most technology is concerned I suppose. A year or so ago I bought a Samsung CCTV switcher from eBay to view our cameras by modulating its output round all the TVs in the house. Using its simple timer it switched between each camera at a set interval, while this worked it was frustrating as the camera you wanted to view was rarely the one that was on the screen at that particular moment in time. The eBay acquired switcher died a month or so ago and so the search for the “upgrade” was on”…

Read the review and see the pictures here

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