Home Cinema + Super Cars + Executive Jets = Our Kind of Event!

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Our friends at ‘Brilliant’ were recently invited to participate in the Multiflight / JCT600 event at Multiflight’s HQ at Leeds / Bradford Airport.  Rising to the challenge they built a state-of-the-art 8 seater home cinema on site in just 48 hours.  Fast cars, Executive Jets, Helicopters and Home Cinema all under one roof – now that’s our kind of event!  Read on for the details and link to the rest of the photos.

“When Brilliant were invited to participate in the Multiflight / JCT600 event at Multiflight’s HQ at Leeds/Bradford Airport we decided on building a genuinely high performance Home Cinema capable of seating 8 people.  With this as the starting point we designed a 7 x 5m two tier Home Cinema which would take its place amongst the Ferraris, Maseratis, Bentleys, Astons, helicopters and private jets.

Working with Genesis Technologies we developed a reference level cinema with an audio set up using ADA processing coupled with a fully active 7.2 ProAudio speaker setup.  The visuals were stunning.  A Digital Projection HIGHLite 1080p 3 chip projector and ISCO lens combination provided a beautiful 120″ 2.35:1 anamorphic image fed by a Kaleidescape M500 Blu-ray player.

AMX control meant we were able to use all the capabilities of the system through one simple interface running on the iPad.   Movies were shown at the aspect ratios intended by the directors, music was enjoyed at reference levels.  By any standards this was an extraordinary cinema; for a cinema built on site over 48 hours the performance was staggering.  A very big thanks to both Genesis Technologies and our outstanding team for pulling it together in such a short time.  Thanks also to JCT600 and Multiflight for the invitation to participate.”


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