iPronto Now On Sale in the UK


Lets Automate have just received their first batch of iProntos from Philips!

"Order before November 1st, 2003, because we've taken £150.00 off the sell price! Our normal sell price is £1399.00, so order today and the price is only £1249.99! You won't be charged until the goods are shipped.


  • Sleek design with silver metallic painted housing and aluminum frontplate
  • Color TFT VGA (640×480) resolution screen
  • High sensitivity touch screen
  • Intel X-Scale processor architecture
  • 64 MB of non-volatile flash memory and 64 MB of RAM
  • Built in microphone, headphone jack & stereo speakers
  • PCMCIA slot with removable IEEE 802.11b wireless network adapter
  • 8 direct access buttons to customizable screen layouts
  • 5 programmable control buttons for volume, channel and mute
  • Status display for power, infrared activity and wireless network indication
  • Built in rechargeable lithium-ion battery with external charger and power supply
  • Future upgradeable multimedia card slot and USB port (accessible through future software upgrades)"…


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