Marmitek Launch 3D Compatible Wireless HDMI GigaView 811

The guys are Marmitek are always pumping out new stuff. This time the marketing for their 3D compatible wireless HDMI setup is aimed at “A romantic evening ‘watching computer’ on your TV”.  So wait.  It’s a gadget AND it helps please the ladies?  Where do I sign up…

The Problem – ‘Let’s watch that film from our last holiday’, asks your wife.  ‘Can you turn the screen towards me, otherwise I can’t see it’, is your reply.’  ‘Oh don’t bother, better if you watch it later; what a fuss.’  What used to be a romantic event watching a film together, nowadays has turned into you both sitting on the sofa watching your own laptop or iPad. Not quite so cosy!

The solution – Watch the pictures from your laptop together, on your full HD TV screen – it’s not there for nothing, is it?
Look at your holiday snaps and videos together, show off a YouTube film or watch a programme you missed – all in HD quality. A good, old-fashioned evening on the sofa!

A romantic evening watching the computer on your TV Is it complicated? – No, of course not! With the Marmitek GigaView 811, you can see everything that you have stored on your laptop, wirelessly and without having to carry out any software installation work. Plug & Play! All you need is a GigaView 811, a TV with an HDMI input and a laptop with an HDMI output.

GigaView 811GigaView 811 – The GigaView 811 transmitter sends the signal from any device (with HDMI output) wirelessly to the receiver that is connected to your TV. It is Full HD and supports all 3D formats. The fact that the signal is transmitted digitally and without any compression means that the quality of the image and sound is not diminished. The GigaView 811 also fulfils 100% of the HDCP standard which means there is maximum compatibility with other HDMI equipment.

Business – The GigaView 811 is also ideal for connecting a laptop to a projector in a meeting room, for example.

Price and availability – The GigaView 811 is now available and has a recommended retail price of around £250

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  1. Marmitek web site says:

    No loss of image or sound quality as the HD signal is being transmitted without compression.

    I must say that this would be hell of the bandwidth. Can you query more info about this, you know – do the journalism.

    Also I’m wondering that does this wireless link also support the audio?

    That would be very interesting because it would allow very easily to transmit the audio from laptop into home audio system.

    Anyway, an interesting find.

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