Meteor CID Discounts – Converse Phone Recorder


I’ve just received this from Pathway….

  • Meteor Caller ID. Discounts
  • New conversation recording product – Converse
  • Meteor Caller Id. discounts

We are offering a discount on the Meteor caller id. devices for the next two weeks (offer ends 31st August 2002 at midnight)

Meteor (hardware only) – was £84.95 now £74.95
Meteor with ActiveCID – was £94.95 now £79.95

Converse is our latest product and is the complete telephone recording and call management solution.  The system continually records incoming and outgoing calls. This means that you can forget that it’s there until you receive an important call. Then review the call at your leisure making a note of the key points in the conversation.

  • Automatically records all telephone calls
  • Allows you to play back a call at any time using a few mouse clicks
  • Allows you to define key points in conversations for future reference
  • Works with digital and analogue telephone systems
  • Please use the link below for more information.

Phone Recorder

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