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Update: 3 July 2002 – The hack is now available – I have released a new hack for the ePODs this week which contains all the usual features such as IE3 and IE4, Calligrapher, Orinoco Silver Card support, Terminal Service Client, TapRight and so on.The hack uses a slightly different approach to previous ones in that it will require a CF card to store applications on. The advantage of this approach is that it can include far more in the way of applications than would be possible following the traditional ‘disk-on-chip’ approach.

Installation is straight forward if you already have an active sync link, and it should be possible simply using a CF card, but I will confirm this approach later. Please ask any questions through the Yahoo ePODs Group where you will also find the hack in the files area.

The hack has the following features:

  • New version of Tascal RegEdit (0.70)
  • Orinoco wireless installed
  • Terminal Server installed
  • Calligrapher installed
  • TapRight installed (opens on start up)
  • Screen click disabled
  • GMT as default time zone
  • Sounds associated with IE page loading disabled (I did this as the
    reason for me progressing the hack was to get my ePODs ready for
    HomeAutomator. HA includes a constantly refreshing frame and it is
    really annoying to keep hearing the clicks)
  • Mouse pointer disabled
  • Desktop background removed (unfortunately I was running out of
  • space so this had to go, but I intend to put it on the storage card and reference that in a later version)
  • 57600 serial connection as default for activesync

Yahoo ePODs Group

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