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We’ve been asked by our readers to setup a forum specifically for the Idratek system.  We’re glad to announce our new Idratek forum went online at the weekend.  Karam from Idratek has posted an introductory message and he’ll be on hand to answer Idratek queries where he can…

“Welcome to the IDRATEK forum – This is the place where you can find discussions related to the IDRATEK system and anything vaguely related, but if you’re looking in just out of interest, an introduction is provided below:

Introduction to IDRATEK: IDRATEK is a UK company whose product is a 2nd generation Home Automation system. 2nd generation? Yes, by this we mean a level of capability that goes well beyond the mundane remote and scheduled control concepts which most people think of as meaning home automation.

The IDRATEK system was designed bottom up specifically for home automation – it is not an extension of a heating, alarm, or lighting system. This means we thought about the most important aspect – integration – right at the start.

To begin to get closer to true home intelligence it was recognised early on that you needed an environment that was rich in sensory information and ability to efficiently interact with numerous appliances. And to be practical any physical system would have to be low cost and preferably lean.”

New Idratek Forum HERE   :

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