New Philips TSU9600 Pronto Professional – Limited Time Discount



Lets Automate have just received stocks of the new Pronto Professional TSU9600 this morning. They have also extended their sale for another few days meaning you can buy the mother of all remotes at a special discount…

“Sensational design and a breathtaking colour display give the new Pronto instant appeal. The smooth top and flush display is backed by an ergonomic ‘soft feel’ grip with a stylish metallic finish.

As a true multi-room control solution, Pronto works seamlessly with its ultra-reliable wireless extender (RFX9400) and serial extender (RFX9600) to manage entertainment equipment, content and lighting throughout the home.

The latest Pronto has two new sensational home control functions: Media Servers and lighting control. By partnering with market leaders like Escient with their Fireball Media Server and Lutron with their RadioRa lighting control system, Philips has taken Pronto to a higher level of functionality that makes the end-user’s life even more convenient”

  • Best graphics in the industry
  • Ergonomic design with optimized button layout
  • Best-in-class IR learning and sending performance
  • Out-of-the-box control of Escient and Lutron
  • Built-in system diagnostics save time if a problem occurs

Philips TSU9600 Pronto Professional Remote Control

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