New Smart Home Demo Room Opens


Rolec have just announced the completion of their new smart home demo room.

“The Rolec Group are please to announce the opening of their new Demo Room – Following extensive refurbishment of their 19th Century Coach House Offices they have created a dedicated meeting and demonstration room ideal for showing potential and existing customers alike the benefits of various Home Automation products.

All in one room they have working displays of :-

  • Clipsals excellent Cbus lighting system displaying Saturn, DLT and Neo light switches together with a Black and White C-Touch unit
  • The Sonos Wireless Audio system with a ZP100 and Bookshelf speakers, and ZP80 unamplified Zoneplayer fed into whole house distribution equipment
  • Roku Soundbridge M1001 unamplified Media player fed into the whole house distribution equipment
  • The Charmed Quark Home Automation Software product running on a Wall mounted touchscreen controlling MP3 playback into the whole house distribution system. DVD playback, and Cbus control offering scene setting, schedules, event control and more
  • GET Smart Dimming control providing wireless retrofit control of lighting via wall mounted scene/dimmer switches and handheld controller
  • Visonic PowerMax+ fully wireless burglar alarm system with X10 interface
  • Scantronic 9751 wired burglar alarm system
  • JAMO entry level whole house audio system
  • Netstream Musica whole house audio system
  • Geovision CCTV System
  • and Coming Soon… LookC’ dedicated Linux based CCTV/Web Server system…

The Showrooms are open Monday to Friday 7.30am to 5pm and most Saturdays 7.30am to 1pm by appointment only. The Rolec Group Offices are located just of J14 M1 near Milton Keynes and they can be contacted on 0845-644-3993″

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