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We’ve just received a press release from a new European on-line Z-Wave store.  Lets hope this will be a catalylst that will help to kick start the long-awaited expansion of the Z-Wave range of products.

“Copenhagen, 05 December 2008 – The first German shopping portal for home control devices using the popular Z-Wave mesh networking standard has opened for business: The site offers over 50 lighting, security, entertainment, heating and energy-saving solutions. The broad product offerings include products for Z-Wave beginners, such as starter kits, and advanced solutions for such home functions as energy conservation, home security and access control.

Every modern household has a wide range of controllable electronic devices, such as lamps, TV and hi-fi devices, garage doors and heating and air conditioning systems. Unfortunately, these all need to be operated individually and directly, and this is where Z-Wave technology comes in.  Z-Wave makes it possible to connect all these devices in a wireless network and enables centralized control over any or all of them via hand-held remote, PC or laptop, the Internet or a smart phone. Products from various manufacturers are mutually compatible and allow consumers to improve home comfort while dramatically reducing energy consumption.

First Z-Wave Online Shop in Europe – The launch of the Z-Wave online shop is another milestone for the Z-Wave Alliance in its conquest of the European home control market. “Home control is rapidly gaining ground in Europe, not least because of the current energy debate”, explains Raoul Wijgergangs, Chairman of the Z-Wave Alliance. “Installing a Z-Wave-based home network enables the intelligent management of electricity and heating devices in line with actual needs. The online shop now allows householders to order the necessary components with a click of the mouse – simple and easy.”

Z-Wave is used by over 170 companies around the world by such market leaders such as Nokia, Merten, Leviton and Danfoss. Guaranteed product interoperability means users can count on all devices working reliably with each other. This allows consumers a choice of solutions from a particular category of device, and the ability to extend their home network with new products at a later date.

Z-Wave in the Home at a Click of the Mouse – The Z-Wave shop allows home control users to purchase products for their home network easily and securely from the comfort of their home. The shop offers the following features:

  • Easy categories for controls, lighting, doors and windows, security, heating and cooling and  energy consumption, as well as product bundles
  • Detailed explanations of the functions of each device
  • A quick tour for newcomers to Z-Wave with a general introduction to the technology
  • Current product catalogue available as a downloadable PDF file
  • A newsletter for registered customers with information on the latest home control trends and new products
  • Shop translation functions into over 20 languages

Home Control Shop in Denmark – The Danish manufacturer INNOVUS has also launched a multi-lingual online shop for its own home control solutions. Customers can choose from a Z-Wave product portfolio of dimmers, remote controls and thermostats at”

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  1. It’s a nice site apart from plug-in adapters being under the lighting category. It would also be nice if they allowed easy filtering between Europe, UK and any other different ‘style’ modules.

  2. I can’t find the ‘quick tour for newcomers’, and ‘Detailed explanations of the functions of each device’ might be a bit exaggerated, but overall it is a nice site with a whole lot of z-wave products!

  3. I find this site very good

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