Over 100 Z-Wave Products Now Available in the UK

Vestemet UK Z-Wave

We’re always on the look out for a better selection of Z-Wave products, so when Vesternet cntacted us earlier this week to tell us they now had over 100 Z-Wave products available – the largest choice in the UK – we had to have a look…

Wireless Sensor Networking Shop Launched by Vesternet – Offering all the latest technologies including Z-Wave, ZigBee, RFID, NFC, ANT+, EnOcean and lots more.

Viewing the increasing availability of wireless sensor products for Home Automation, Smart Energy, Tracking & Health, Vesternet have launched the worlds first dedicated shop sell all the major Machine-2-Machine technologies.  For Home Automation, there are over 100 Z-Wave products available – the largest choice in the UK.

For Healthcare, ANT+ is the current technology being built into heart rate monitors and and exercise equipment, with Continua being another main standard on the horizon.

ZigBee is being used for Smart Metering and now also moving into consumer electronics such as remote controls & TV’s. RFID is still the technology of choice for asset tracking, with the NFC variant now being being built into phones for mobile payments

All these products are sold at Vesternet; and there are also discussions about the newest sensor products for 2010 such as Bluetooth Low Energy.  Users can find help and advice on compatibilities between products; and order now for shipping worldwide


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2 Comments on "Over 100 Z-Wave Products Now Available in the UK"

  1. Gary Barclay | February 19, 2010 at 8:02 pm |

    Who is designing this rubbish?
    It’s one of the biggest barriers to entry that home automation has. It’s designed by nerds and geek.
    You want people to bring this into the HOME…make it look nice!

  2. Fantastic news to hear we are finally getting some more products.

    But… shame about the sellers website. Slow and no way to filter categories under zwave 🙁

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