Peugeot Motion and Emotion Show Ramps up the 208 Excitement

Sponsored Post The digital lifestyle reaches far and wide these days and 3D entertainment technologies are even playing their part in new car launches.  Earlier this month, Peugeot revealed the new 208 Universe at the Peugeot Motion and Emotion Show in Rio, Brazil.  The French car maker Peugeot chose Rio de Janeiro as the backdrop for their unique event, calling on an original combination of tech for an unparalleled worldwide launch of their new Peugeot 208 model.

The show was held in the city of Carioca on the evening of 8 December in front of thousands of excited spectators and it combined the use of cutting edge technologies including an amazing show in projected 3D mapping, combined for the first time ever with the Kinect technology and multi-sensory effects.  A 4th dimension was added in the form of direct interaction with the public too as over the event spectators were given a chance to bring the “Let Your Body Drive” signature to life by collectively interacting with the rhythms and beat of the show.  Check out the video of the event below and watch how the facade of the local buildings seems to animate using the special projections.

Peugeot has high hopes for the 208, the successful to their 200 series models which were produced in their millions.  Built in Europe and Brazil the new 208 model will have a international staggered launches between March 2012 and March 2013.

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