Powerline Networks

Submission by Simon Scotland

For anyone that’s forgotten to put a network point somewhere or for those who simply can’t hardwire their property for whatever reason then Powerline Networking can provide the ideal solution. It doesn’t suffer from the range and dropout problems that wireless networks often have and runs at a respectable 14MBs.

It’s simply a case of plugging two of the devices into mains sockets and proding a button on the front panel and hey presto you have a network. Its completely interoperable with any other network you have and soon we will have a combined box with a DSL router and a Wireless AP… Three flavours are available PCI Card, Ethernet or USB and are priced at £75.00+VAT & Delivery each. The devices are CE approved and haven’t caused any problems with my X10 setup. In fact the transmission works in places that X10 cannot reach like in my noisy computer lab.

More details on our site and we’ll give you a discount if you mention UKHA.


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