Schneider Electric Announces UK C-Bus Wiser Controller Launch

Clipsal C-Bus Wiser Controller

Back in May we reported on the launch of a new CBus home controller from Clipsal.  Then last week the UK C-Bus product manager announced on our forums that the ‘Wiser’ module would be launching in the UK in January.  Now we’ve received the official press release from Schneider Electric.

“Schneider Electric has enhanced its C-Bus lighting system with the introduction of Wiser; a wireless Ethernet gateway that provides the user with the ability to remotely control the system via a mobile phone, computer or handheld PC.

This unique method of interfacing with the C-Bus system offers convenience, enhances security and provides ease of access.  The Wiser module is suitable for retrofit and new installations of the C-Bus system and is ideal for any commercial application such as hotels, offices and retail outlets, as well as residential installations.

The technology allows users to simply control lighting, heating, security systems and AV from any location and interface with the network without having to be physically on site.  For the facilities manager or system integrator, this means new programmes can be created or changes made to existing modes for increased control.  In addition, the user can remotely access systems such as the alarms to check their status in the event of an emergency.

Lee Jones, marketing engineer from Schneider Electric explains: “The new Wiser module is an easy-to-install device that enhances the functionality of the C-Bus system, as users can access their building through a laptop or mobile phone, 24/7.  This is just one example of how we are continually developing our products to increase their functionality, offer greater flexibility and provide adaptable solutions that can be programmed to meet individual requirements based on how users interact with their surroundings.”

Wiser is an additional module for Schneider Electric’s C-Bus – an intelligent control system, which can help organisations reduce energy, save costs, enhance spaces and improve comfort levels.  It gives the user total control over the building and provides a virtually limitless variety of options, all tailored to specific needs, meaning users can get the best from their building, while creating a healthy environment for staff and visitors.

By reducing demand on energy requirements, businesses can also reduce energy bills and meet environmental legislation, which is made possible due to C-Bus’ flexible features.  Devices such as occupancy control, time relays and light level sensing can be integrated to dim lights on a sunny day, switch off lights at the end of the day or when a room is not in use.

As well as meeting current needs, the system can be aligned with any new technology, preparing a business for any future regulatory compliance. C-bus is also adaptable, so if the layout or use of a building changes, it will always meet the user’s requirements for a future-proof solution.”  :  Wiser at the

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