SliMP3 Now Available from Laser

Just received news from Laser Business Systems that they now have stock of the SliMP3 network MP3 Player.

“The SliMP3 is totally silent in operation having no hard disk or fans and is no bigger than the display. The storage is limitless – it uses the storage capacity of the PC you already own, and uses inexpensive Ethernet technology to provide instant access to your music from anywhere in your home or office. You won’t believe how easy it is to set up and use, and yet how powerful the interface is. Installing the SliMP3 takes just a few minutes; all you need to do is load the server software onto your computer, and plug the player into your network. The SliMP3 automatically configures itself for your network, and is ready to use immediately.

The SliMP3 features a powerful, easy-to-use, heirarchical browser interface, allowing you to quickly browse through your music collection from the convenience of a remote control. Its large vacuum fluorescent display is bright and readable, and the sound quality is second to none. SliMP3 gives you the convenience of enjoying music in any room of your home – thanks to its small form factor, you easily place it in your stereo cabinet, on a shelf, or even on your bed-side table. Standard phono outputs let you connect it directly to any stereo receiver or amplifier. Imagine enjoying your MP3 collection on those big speakers in your living room, away from the distractions of fans and hard drives…” The SliMP3 is firmware upgradeable and more uses are continually being developed. The software is open source and the hardware interface published, allowing the open source community to add to the functionality. Internet radio stations can be streamed to your Hi-Fi, the remote and the display used to access other applications on your PC, the possibilities are endless.


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