Smart Home Week Reveals 43% Already Have the Tech

Smart Home Week

Smart Home Week is back. The initiative designed to help promote smart home tech is sponsored by brands from across the industry.

With nearly half of us feeling confused by smart technology, it’s important for brands to provide support and advice to help us get to grips with the latest smart technology. With this in mind, Philips Hue, Samsung SmartThings and Yale all return for a second Smart Home Week, alongside other leading smart home players including, Amazon, ebay, Google, Ring and tado° as well as the British Standards Institution, acting as an independent regulatory body.

Their second annual survey of the Smart Home Market in the UK reveals some interesting trends.

  • 43% of people have at least one smart product in their home – up from 27% in the previous year’s study.
  • 64% of people have spent money on smart technology in the past 12 months – with 42% spending at least £100.
  • 88% of consumers are expected to spend at least 10% more next year on smart technology – with the average spend expected to increase by 30%.
  • 35% of people consider the opinions of family and friends as the most important influence when purchasing smart products.
  • 40% of people research smart technology for less than an hour before making a purchase.
  • 62% of people are worried about the threat of smart homes being hacked.

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