[Sponsor] 5 Ways to Automate Your Home

Photo from: ADT Home Security

Smart Security Alerts – One of the best features of home automation systems are the “smart” security alerts – alerts that can be pre-programmed to take different action based on the severity of the alert. For example, if a window is broken and detected, perhaps you want the police notified immediately, whereas if your motion detector sensors went off, you’d rather take a look at the video first before making a call. There can be all kinds of alerts – for example, if the system believes there is a fire, it can call the fire department for you and alert them at the same time as it notifies you.

Lighting and Thermostat Remote Control – Integrating lighting and thermostat remote control allows you to access these features from your phone or on the web, giving you a bit of peace of mind and comfort as well – you can turn on the lights and kick on the heating when you get in the cab coming home from the airport, so you don’t arrive at a cold, dark house. You can also use this to turn on all the home lights if you suspect there is an intruder about.

Connecting All Your Appliances – Today’s modern security systems allow you to connect many appliances beyond just your core home systems. You can add your TV and home entertainment system, allow you to turn those on and off, giving appearances of someone being home. Almost any system that is electronic can be connected.

Custom Notifications – The variety of notifications and the level of customisation you can make to those notifications in a modern home automation system is astounding. A worried parent can have an alert sent when their child arrives home from school. Wondering how long your maid is spending at the house? You can have arrival and departure times sent to your phone in real time. You can even have notifications that include an attached photo of what the security camera is seeing at that time.

Recurring Events – Last but not least is the unique feature of recurring events. Perhaps you have a dog walker who stops by your house every morning around 10AM. You can set the alarm system to be disabled around this time and turn itself back on once the dog walker has left. Or maybe your kids come home from school at the same time each day – you can have your thermostat settings automatically adjust 20 minutes before they arrive so the house isn’t so warm / cold when they get home. The possibilities are endless!

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