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Remember when everyone had to have a big bulky PC on their desktop.  Now we all want Laptops that give us the freedom to take our powerful computer with us, whether we are travelling from home to work or just from the bedroom to the lounge.  The laptop computer provides such a useful work tool these days, whilst serving a dual role as an incredibly powerful entertainment centre. With so many streaming video services available on the Internet it’s like having your own TV under your arm as you watch Netflix, YouTube or any number of Catch-Up on demand TV services from your laptop.

Sony’s latest range of VAIO laptops offer the modern designs we all crave along with a huge range of features to meet your demands, and your budget.  With their slim contemporary cases, bright anti-reflective LED screens and superb battery life, a Sony VAIO is a laptop to love.
One of Sony’s latest hardware releases, the new VAIO Tap 11, brings you the best of both worlds with a multi-functional convertible PC and a tablet all in one unit. It’s also the world’s thinnest Windows 8 tablet PC whilst still featuring a quality full pitch keyboard and touchpad along with other elegant elements such as a magnetic cover.  Many VAIO Laptops are available in a range of vibrant colours and finishes that are available to suit your style.
So if you are after a quality laptop computer, with the latest hardware, contemporary design, premium displays, plus great software like the VAIO Inspiration Suite then look no further than Sony.

How to use VAIO Inspiration Suite - Infographic

Courtesy of Sony


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