Squeezebox Touch – Automated Home Readers Offer

Logitech  Squeezebox Touch

Our friends over at AV Jungle have just sent us a new Automated Home readers offer.  As they unpack the newly arrived Squeezebox Touch consignment they’ve given us a discount code for the new unit…

“After months of waiting the Logitech Squeezebox Touch has finally arrived.  We received our stock today, and carried out the ceremonially tearing apart of the box to get a new gadget out. Unfortunately no time for a Youtube unpacking video here…

First impressions are, as with all the Sqeezebox range, excellent. Being existing squeezenetwork users it took less than 3 minutes to unpack, register, install the software update, and have Napster streaming beautiful music to our amplifier.

Sound quality is great, build quality is fantastic – a nice gloss black front, proper metal integrated stand, and a very nice touchscreen reacting great to our clumsy finger presses. The Touch also comes with a IR remote control so you enjoy the Squeeze from your armchair.  Automated Home reader can get a 5% discount off our first delivery by quoting the code “AUTOMATED HOME” at checkout here avjungle.co.uk “


AV Jungle Offer (Quote code ‘AUTOMATED HOME’) : Logitech.com Squeezebox Touch

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Logitech Squeezebox Touch Size Comparison

 The AV Jungle Guys Took this shot to compare controller sizes


Logitech  Squeezebox Touch


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  1. Thank you for this post. I’ve now ordered a SB Touch to go with my excellent and well used SB3, SB Boom and SB Radio. Just don’t tell SWBO ;o)

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