Staying in the Loxone Smart Show Home – Part 3

Loxone iPad Control

In Part 1 we covered our stay in the Loxone Show Home and in Part 2 we visited the Loxone HQ.

In this final part we look at the other 4 sites that we visited over our weekend in Austria and Germany.


Baudisch is wholly owned by the Loxone Group and it manufacturers a range of door entry systems, including the Loxone Intercom.

After a recent investment in production equipment, Baudisch is now responsible for manufacturing some Loxone modules here too. It’s also home to a range of testing stations and an EMC laboratory, so it can handle the verification of all Loxone products.

Loxone PCB

We saw this huge new €2 million machine which can solder an incredible 1 million SMD (surface mount device) components per day.

Our guide Stephan showed us how the modules are initially created with a boot loader on board, before the final firmware is uploaded as each unit is individually tested and packed ready for distribution.

Loxone Room Comfort Air

Show Apartment

The top floor of this same building has been used to create the German Loxone Show Apartment and our guide Daniel took us around the building.

Loxone Smart Apartment - Germany

It’s a kind of mini-version of the Austrian Show home and is another great resource for Loxone to show off the capabilities of their tech to architects, interior designers, property developers and self builders.

Austrian Self Build

And speaking of self builders, in Austria the following day we took a trip 30 minutes away from the Loxone Base Camp where this fantastic new family dwelling is being constructed on one of the seemingly endless supply of stunningly beautiful hillsides in the region.

Austrian Self-Build - Loxone Installation

External shading is very popular in these parts and automating these shutters is often the start of the smart home journey for many Austrians and Germans.

It was interesting to see the different construction methods used here, especially the clay blocks and external insulation.

Loxone Self Build - External Insulation
Austrian Self-Build - Loxone Kitchen Lighting

This home has a comprehensive Loxone system being installed, including lighting, shading, security and heating.

The electrical cabinets in the hallway were neat and accessible, in a form factor we’re not used to seeing in the UK.

Austrian Self-Build - Loxone Cabinet
Austrian Self-Build - Loxone LED Lighting

Gasthof Post Hotel

A stop off for lunch at the Gasthof Post Hotel was a welcome chance to try some of the local turkey schnitzel and see some more Loxone in action.

The hotel’s recent refit included the installation of 4 Miniservers to power this setup and it gives a glimpse into the kind of thing that Loxone are aiming at as they make a concerted effort to expand into the hospitality sector.

Gasthof Post Hotel Bedroom - Loxone Installation

You can read more on the Gasthof Post installation here and check out this video of the installation (in German, but you can turn on English subtitles).

Pfarramt Kollerschlag Church

And just to prove that Loxone really can be installed anywhere, our final stop was at the Pfarramt Church in Kollerschlag to check out their installation too.

Loxone Church Install

This beautiful building was given a smart make-over in 2015 including heating and lighting control.

Loxone Church Install


Our weekend visit to Austria and Germany packed in so much and it was a very special opportunity to learn about the company.

Once again a huge thanks to Loxone, especially Philipp, Tyron, Florian, Krista and Scott for such a memorable weekend!

If you are considering your own smart home, or just want to find out more about Loxone then visit –

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