SWMBO Competition


The first ever Automated Home UK competition is now ON! A selection of SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed) pictures belonging to some of the mailing list members on the Rogues page has been posted. See if you can tell which Rogue belongs to which SWMBO. To make it more difficult there are more Rogues than SWMBOs. BTW – one of the girls may just be a red herring 😉 The Prizes! The two first prizes have been kindly donated by Laser and Lets Automate…

MK19E Mouse Remote
A quality RF remote and base station giving PC, AV and Home Automation control all around your house – Value £44.66

HomeSeer software
A full registered, shrink-wrapped version of this highly regarded Home Automation Software – Value £52.88

What you waiting for? Get over here now and Enter!

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