The End of an Era for Automated Home

End of an Era for The Automated Home

It’s the end of an era for the Automated Home.

We moved in just a few months shy of 20 years ago and while our first self-build project was definitely hard work, it was an exciting and rewarding experience.

But earlier today we did something we never really dreamt we’d do. We handed over the keys to the new owners.

An exciting new opportunity has presented itself which will mean lots of new posts on our next project are heading your way in the coming weeks and months. But more on that later.

For now, as we close the door for the last time, we leave with a lump in our throats and 2 decades of wonderful memories for the home that Helen and I built together and brought up our family in.

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23 Comments on "The End of an Era for Automated Home"

  1. I’m curious.. how much automation technology have you left in the home for the new owners? And how much tech support are they going to need from you?

  2. @Mike – Good questions 🙂

    1. Not much (lighting and heating)
    2. Very little (hopefully)

  3. Good luck Mark. And how much of the kit you’re taking with you will make it out of the packing boxes at the new place?

  4. Hard to believe this day has come! One of the first resources that I found online many, many years ago (when initially looking into home automation/smart home technology) was about the Automated Home on this website.

    Here’s to the future.

  5. @Pete – thanks. Basically nothing taken with us apart from a few items like the UniFi WiFi kit.

  6. @Scott – thanks mate!

  7. I remember reading about your build. Blimey 20 years, scarey. I look forward to reading about the new project. Hope it goes well.

  8. @Robin – Thanks, time flies (and accelerates!).

  9. Best of luck with your next project Mark – look forward to hearing all about it at some point. Automated Home is definitely one of my favourite ports of call on tech matters.

    We are thinking of moving some time next year, and I’ve already started to wonder what tech I might leave in our current house, and what might flummox a new buyer.

    The central hub of our house is a HomeSeer system, but I can’t see many non-tech people being able to cope with it, without lots of support. Our HomeSeer brings together at least 3 different lighting technologies (Rako, Z-wave and Easybulb), HD TV, Sonos, DSC alarm system and other sensors; and it now links with various iOs and Android controllers and Amazon devices. Some parts can easily survive without HomeSeer (e.g. Rako lights and Sonos), but others can’t (e.g. virtually all the Z-wave devices).

    Presumably the equipment you left didn’t rely upon any complex central control systems?

  10. @Derek – Many thanks 🙂

    The only thing we left that required much explaining was the evohome heating system. I think it would be very difficult to explain (and support) many of the types of systems we all have, like the one you describe.

  11. Good luck Mark. When we moved from our ‘automated’ house, it took a huge amount of work to take lots of it out that the new owners didn’t want. Mind you, the house really sold itself with so many great gadgets! New house has about 100m Cat5 whereas the old had around 8km!

    Good luck in your next venture!

  12. @Paul – Thanks !

  13. Good luck.
    Did you leave the new owners an instruction manual?

  14. eamon o'gorman | October 21, 2018 at 12:17 pm |

    Good luck with the move mark, end of an era indeed. We self built back in 2000, and what started as a request from swmbo for “speakers in the bathroom”, I stumbled in your wiring guide and life has never been the same again.

    A new era beginning though mark, look forward to reading about the migration 🙂

  15. @Toscal – Thanks. A bit of a one, but most stuff removed before sale 🙂

  16. @Eamon – Thanks! 🙂

  17. Good luck I really enjoy this website!

  18. @PB – Thanks! 🙂

  19. Look forward to the next project – I know I am – keep up the good work Mark!

  20. @Mat – Thanks! 🙂

  21. What other features you had in your home when you completed building the automation system? I mean apart from heating and lighting control, were there any other automation system? I would love to read a blog about it. It must be a great project.

  22. Hi Mark, sounds like you’ve got a really exciting venture ahead, and really looking forward to understanding the challenges and opportunities that are coming. Good luck. Just one question, you’ve mentioned the heating control (we love Evohome here!), but I can’t remember the lighting equipment you used; could you remind us?

    Take care…

  23. @Chester – amazingly the 20 year old X10 DIN rail dimmers were still going strong! I think I replaced just 2 or 3 units over the entire time. We have some Hue and Z-Wave lighting too.

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