Top 20 Automated Home Posts of the Year 2021

Automated Home Top 20 2021

The Automated Home Blog started life in 1996, so 2021 saw it reach its 25th Anniversary.

The top 20 most popular posts from the past 12 months included the new Airthings View Plus air quality monitor at #19 and the Faradite volt free switch at #18.

2021 was also our first full calendar year living in the new Automated Home 2.0. You won’t be surprised to see the top 20 is dominated by posts about the new house, as that’s been the focus of the blog.

We’ve still a few rooms to complete and at #15 we were delighted to get the fantastic VSSL A.1 sound systems into the upstairs bedrooms this year

At #14 we covered the rebrand of the Matter smart home standard, asking will it matter? (see what we did there). Actually I think it may well matter, more thoughts on the subject soon.

Even though it was announced back in May, we’re still waiting to receive our new Loxone Intercom (#13), chip shortages certainly became a real issue in 2021.

A shout out to Mat Smith for his cool DIY multi sensor at #11 and our Siemens smart appliances at #9 that have allowed us to push more of our energy usage into our night time electricity rate. Very important in the year that saw such huge increases in energy prices.

At #10 is the launch of the new Boundary DIY Z-Wave Smart Home Security System and at #7 my 24 month report on the Tesla Model 3 (I miss you).

Automated Home 2.0 - from Drone

At #3 is a list of non-standard things to wire for in a new build, while #2nd place goes to our comprehensive resource of links for the products and services we used in the self-build.

But number one for 2021 was our list of top tips for self builders. Hopefully you found something useful there if you are working on your own smart home build or planning a renovation.

Remember to check out our Instagram to follow the progress and look out for a comprehensive update coming next week with a full years data of running costs for an all-electric home with an air source heat pump.

Thank you as always for your support over the past 12 months and have a great new year!


20. Yale Linus Smart Lock Partners with Philips Hue

19. Video: New Airthings View Plus Monitors PM2.5, CO2 & Radon

18. Video: Faradite Launch New TAP Volt Free Smart Home Switch

17. Automated Home 2.0 – #42 Our Kitchen with Parkes Interiors

16. Crestron Announces DM NAX Matrix Amp & Streaming Music Player

15. Automated Home 2.0 – #40 The VSSL A.1 Music Streaming Amplifier Part 1

14. Will It Matter?

13. Video: Loxone Reveal New Intercom Doorbell

12. Automated Home 2.0 – #43 Low Energy, Airtightness, Budgets, & Compromise

11. Building the Ultimate DIY Home Automation Ceiling Multisensor

10. Boundary Launch DIY Z-Wave Smart Home Security System

09. Automated Home 2.0 – #35 Here’s All Our Siemens studioLine Smart Appliances

08. Automated Home 2.0 – #34 Spore True Doorbell for Loxone Trigger

07. Tesla Model 3 – 24 Month Update

06. Automated Home 2.0 – #38 Where Did It All Go Wrong With Our Loxone Install?

05. Automated Home 2.0 – #39 The Pain of Fibre to the Premises (FTTP)

04. Automated Home 2.0 – #33 Our Air Source Heat Pump

03. Automated Home 2.0 – #36 What To Wire For In Your New House

02. Automated Home: Product Sources for the Automated Home 2.0

01. Automated Home 2.0 – #37 Our Top Tips for Self Builders

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