UKHA 2003 Is On

Submission by Graham Howe

With the closing date for early bookings fast approaching (end of this week for those of you unaware), I thought I should let everyone know that the UKHA 2003 Conference is a certainty.

I have now received almost £1000 of the £1250 required to pay for the event and this is enough to cover the main room and one of the satellite rooms.

If you are intending to come to the event, but do not want to pay now, then please still let me know so that I can keep track of expected numbers. As a reminder, you can save 25% on the fees if you pay before the end of this week.

I will be signing the contract next week and then we’ll have time to work out agendas, demos, stands and all other details. More information will be posted here and to the ukha_d yahoo group as and when they become available.

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