UKHA Meeting 2003?


Submission by Stuart Poulton

Hi All,

After the sucess of the Evening meeting in London, how do people feel about a meeting over 2 days ? A rough timetable of events being

Friday PM Arrival and Registration
Sat AM Late Arrivals
Sat PM UKHA Meeting
Sun AM Breakfast and Departure… The University here in Leicester is able to provide a meeting room and accomadation, for a reasonable price. The only restriction being that it has to be outside of term time, so the following dates

4-6 April
11-13 April
18-20 April

Advanced warning should allow for poeple to make arrangments, and hopefully get cheap travel deals.  Opinions, and comments most welcome. Mark has set-up a Poll to gauge reaction to this which can be found here Poll

I’ve also created a spin-off group here UKHA Meeting




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