UKHA2003 – Resounding Success

The UKHA 2003 meet was held in Hatfield last weekend. Over 100 of us met and “geeked out” over a two day home-automation-fest!

Pretty much without even realising it, we had two serious new HA products actual have their *launch* at UKHA2003. They are both so new that their websites will not be up for another week or two, but keep an eye on these URLS – –

It was great to see representation from the Clipsal company there too. I think its safe to say the C-Bus range is now being considered by many people!

The A/V shootouts had some “technical difficulties” but were none the less very interesting. Something to re-visit next year I think.

We had a good mix of hardware and software there, and the “static displays” were excellent too. Many people had put a lot of thought and effort into their displays, as well as carting a huge amount of kit to the hotel to set
it all up.

I have so many people to thank…and I’m going to chicken out and not mention names, because I know I’d forget someone! So, you all now who you are…many many thanks for a superb weekend!!!

Mark McCall

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