Useful Gadget of the Week – Car USB Adaptor

Car Micro DC to USB Adaptor

Not so much ‘home automation’ this time as automotive tech, but useful all the same.  We recently went on a weeks holiday and with the plethora of electronics that often need charged in the car we looked round for a solution.  There are plenty of ugly in-car USB chargers out there but the ‘Micro DC to USB Adaptor‘ is a stylish little beggar.  Best of all it’s currently on special offer for just £5.99.

Its good looks are in part due to its flush mount – protruding just 6mm from your cigarette lighter socket. It’s safe to keep plugged in all the time and we tested it with a variety of USB powered devices, including an iPhone, and it works great. The well thought out design includes a metal semi circular ring that lifts up so you can use it to easily pull the device from its socket. It accepts 12~24V so can be used in a lorry or boat as well as a car.

So why buy a separate car charger for each device when you can add a USB power point to your vehicle a few seconds and for a little over a Fiver.

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  • Fits securely in to your cigarette lighter socket to provide a 1A DC 5V USB charging outlet
  • Can be used to charge an iPhone, with compatible charging cable (charging cable not supplied)
  • Almost flush fitting – body protrudes just 6mm from the socket!
  • Chrome semi-circular lift up handle for easy removal
  • DC 12~24V input – can be used in trucks or boats as well as cars

Micro USB Adaptor  :  Belkin Mini USB  :  Triple Adaptor with USB

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  1. It’s not on special offer.

  2. Ant – it was in May 2010 when we wrote that – you need to read Automated Home every day 😉

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