Vesternet Publish Home Automation Videos, Guides and Tutorials

The guys at Vesternet have been working hard to build a comprehensive range of online resources, including user guides, tutorials and videos to enable users to easily use wireless home automation products…

Choosing the right home automation technology is the first step many people take towards a smart home, but understanding it, how it can be installed, how it can be used and how to get it to do what you want are often the areas users struggle with most.

The Vesternet home automation resources provide users with simple, easy to understand guides to implement even the most complex systems. Application Notes feature step by step tutorials showing how to configure devices and to implement common scenarios such as motion controlled lighting or remote controlled heating. These are complimented by videos on the ‘VesternetTV’ YouTube channel, enabling users to access information in the way they want.

The resources also include detailed information and comparisons between the various home automation technologies, helping users to select the one most suitable for their needs.

Finally, Compatibility guides show all the products that are known to work well together, these Z-Wave, LightwaveRF and INSTEON products have all been tested by the Vesternet staff and customers. To make it even easier, all verified products carry the ‘Vesternet Certified’ badge, taking all the guess work out of choosing the right devices.

The user guides, videos and resources are the most recent additions to Vesternet’s outstanding customer service, helping to make wireless home automation simple for everyone.

All the Vesternet resources are available at

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  1. Nice one

  2. Vesternet have created an excellent set of material and information to accompany and support the home automation products they sell.

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